Blitz: New Edition

I’m delighted to tell you that BLITZ is now available in a new edition, and its heroine Edie Benson has had a makeover. You’ll see her looking thoughtful (and slightly older than before!) on the new cover. Many thousands of adults and children have enjoyed the story of her life in the early 1940s. Are you one of them? If not, I think you should get yourself a copy…

Blitz new use

New Book: Alone in the Trenches

I WAS THERE: ALONE IN THE TRENCHES was published on September 4th, and should now be available in all the usual ways. It’s part of a new Scholastic series aimed at younger readers. The First World War setting means that the plot is sometimes emotionally tough for this age-group, but I hope I’ve told the story with humour and sensitivity. The fictional events it describes would have happened exactly a hundred years ago this November.

A time for peace

I’m currently working on a novel for grown-ups about World War 2. It’s a long term project, so don’t expect to see anything on the shelves soon…